Zuni Cafe is located where the north and south of Market Street grids collide.  They form sharp street corners and grow interesting building shapes.  With its high storefront windows on three sides, Zuni takes full advantage of the view of  classic old streetcars rolling down Market Street.  It's a combination of brick, glass, wood, concrete and steel with a no frills interior.  The bright yellow awnings and tall leafy sycamore trees on the sidewalk filters the southern sun creating one of the best eating environments in the City.  

I remembered reading chef-owner Judy Rodgers The Zuni Cafe Cookbook recipe for their famous hamburgers.  Their technique is to season the meat with sea salt the day before grinding using fresh (not cyrovac'd) 18 percent fat beef chuck.  I ordered it medium and it was pink, juicy and savory, even better than expected.   This restaurant has been consistently good without food fads or unnecessary embelishments. 

5/14/2011 02:12:47 pm

Famous roast chicken
Order early and wait long
Do not delay joy

5/19/2011 06:18:50 am

Great burger and an awesome space. One of my dad's favorites when he visits from LA.


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