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The Pacific Ocean shrouded in Fog
Redwood Creek Beach is 5 hours north of San Francisco near the town of Arcata.  Five hours is a little too far to make it an easy weekend jaunt.  It is a world of its own. 
Tricycle in Storefront on Fillmore Street, San Francisco
This old tricycle has been beautifully restored and displayed.  Its bright red color striking against a hite background with a piece of natural wood behind the seat.  It reminded me instantly of the tricycle we bought for Katie who is now about to turn 21. 

Tricycles with their three wheels offer a little more stability so the little toddler can take off on their own .  .  .  . somehow I still feel the same way.
The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth. Lao Tzu
Chris in on a painting retreat.  Here is her arsenal.

Dental Instruments
I was at the dentist Tuesday.  Sometimes there's a fine line between pain and pleasure.  Tuesday wasn't one of them.
Yin and yang
Dark and Light, full and empty .  One cup is empty and its only purpose is to be filled.  The other full, its only purpose is to be emptied.  - oh if only life could be as simple
As I was mailing my Netflix DVD the other morning, I was wondering how long this model of delivery was going to last.  Getting DVDs in the mail with no due date seemed so innnovative at the time.  Now I find I'm watching on-line movies more and more.  I think this model won't last long.
rhododendron fragrantissimum and iceberg rose
                                                                   and iceberg rose petals      
                                                                          a moment in time
Dappled light on a book
In the patio of a Berkeley coffee house reading a book. Dappled light enliven the text annotating the meaning of the words. A good day.
When I was a kid, I always had fun when a wishbone appeared.  Make a wish and grab an end of the wish bone and break it apart.  Whoever gets the bigger piece gets their wish granted.

If you both decide to wish for the same thing, then it guaranteed to happen!
I've taken a few pictures of our flat as we empty it and prepare it for renting.  This is the master bedroom.