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rhododendron fragrantissimum and iceberg rose
                                                                   and iceberg rose petals      
                                                                          a moment in time
Panna Cotta
The "original" Original Joe's restaurant was located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and was a favorite old time restaurant of me when I first moved to San Francisco.  After a fire a few years ago, the owners finally re-opened in North Beach on a corner facing Washington Square.  Some of the artifacts of the old restaurant were saved and now grace the exterior and interior of the new restaurant.  It seems the "same" only better!
Since starting my training as an Asian Art Museum Docent, my journey has taken me to new places.  Last weekend, I attended a performance of traditional Chinese music.  One of the featured performers was Alan Yip, playing the guqin.  The Guqin is a 7 string zither that dates back about 2,000 years or more.  Music written over 1,000 years ago are still played!  Haunting and thoughtful, this piece is played by American born Alan Yip,  a young graduate student who has been playing the guqin for about 10 years.
Nisei Logo
Love this logo that looks as though it comes right out of the 40's or 50's.  Nisei refers to the second generation of Japanese-Americans.  Born in the US, they were forced into relocation camps during World War II -- a grave injustice that has affected succeeding generations in untold ways.  Niseis are now entering retirement age and the term is starting to fade away.
Streatfood Opening Soon!
This desolate corner buffeted by an elevated freeway, littered with trash and and the hopeless smell of the homeless is soon to be transformed into an urban "oasis".  Taking advantage of the surge in popularity of food trucks and outdoor eating, it will provide a central space in the SOMA area for outdoor tasting.  They plan to be open 7 days a week.  Check out their website.
Dappled light on a book
In the patio of a Berkeley coffee house reading a book. Dappled light enliven the text annotating the meaning of the words. A good day.
When simple things work well they make the day start better. This squeegee is completely covered with silicon covering the inside metal structure making it comfortable in the hand. The soft grip easily attaches to the tub spout. A thoughtful design making a daily chore made better.