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Dental Instruments
I was at the dentist Tuesday.  Sometimes there's a fine line between pain and pleasure.  Tuesday wasn't one of them.
Linolium Block Print
Linolium  block prints reflect the ancient human urge to create images.  The first time someone looked at a footprint in the mud and thought - "What if I . . .?"  (Chris is taking a block printing class).
San Francisco Civic Center
The San Francisco Civic Center Plaza is a great place for public art.  I drive by all the time.  Currently an inflated sculpture of a lotus flower greats the many tour buses stopped at this post card site.  The petals wave in the breeze. 

Last week I walked by and the entire sculpture was deflated. I thought it was being removed.  I was wrong, I think they were cleaning it and it was in its full glory when I walked by again. 
Yin and yang
Dark and Light, full and empty .  One cup is empty and its only purpose is to be filled.  The other full, its only purpose is to be emptied.  - oh if only life could be as simple