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As I was mailing my Netflix DVD the other morning, I was wondering how long this model of delivery was going to last.  Getting DVDs in the mail with no due date seemed so innnovative at the time.  Now I find I'm watching on-line movies more and more.  I think this model won't last long.
Japantown Pagoda and Gandharan Stupa
The Buddhist Stupa was originally a burial mound for relics of the historical Buddha or other sacred objects.  It was topped with a structure similar to the one on the right which is a 2,000 year old miniture stupa from Northwestern India or Pakistan now at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. 

As the stupa form moved to China and Japan, it evolved into pagodas.  This pagoda in San Francisco's Japantown was built 2,000 years after the one on the right and as you can see the top of the pagoda is very similar to the top of the stupa. (I'm getting ready for a presentation this month!)
Accidental Photo
This photo is truly an accidental photo as I didn't even realized I had taken it until I looked on my phone.  Usually I erase them as they usually aren't very interesting.  This one, however, seems to have an other worldly feeling commenting on the transitory aspect of life as we pass through one doorway to another  -- or is it because I'm reading alot about Buddhism as part of my Asian Art Museum Docent Training?