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Pine Street Fireplace
Pine Street Hearth
There one more thing that needs attention in our remodel.  The wood fireplace is one of the few remaining original items in the building.  The wood mantle itself is in great condition but the hearth has beautiful old tiles that show its age (photo left). 

I actually find this aged look beautiful, but unfortunately a noticeable area has broken and missing pieces.  After spending some time searching, finding replacement tiles in the right size and colors  seems impossible.  We're trying to find a replacement that will be similar in appearance. 

6th Grade Field Trip Asian Art Museum
The training of future docents became a little more real to me last week.  My assignment was to "shadow" a 6th grade field trip visit to the Asian Art Museum and observe the docents, kids, and parents to see learn what to expect.  I found 6th graders are great.  Their old enough to really engage with the art yet not too old to feel the whole experience is just not cool enough to warrant their attention.  In this photo above they are lining up in front of the museum as the teacher distributes tickets to each one.  Bless public school teachers!
Indian Springs - Calistoga
Calistoga in February:  I usually think of palm trees having long slender trunks with their fan-like leaves waving softly in an ocean breeze.  These palm trees, however, are short and stumpy -- almost cartoon like.  The shaved trunks heighten the cartoon feeling.  Walking down the gravel driveway feeling and listening to the crunch crunch of our footsteps, our view punctuated by palm trees standing at attention is memorable.   
Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley bustling 4th Street retail area doesn't really have an ocean view, but it have a fantastic apple souffle that Chris almost always orders.  We visited last weekend and the apple souffle is as good as ever.
This dragon float has been sitting in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza for the past week waiting to fly through the firecrackers in the New Year's parade.  At dusk it is lit from inside and glows with positive cheer.  There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. If you know someone's sign, then you can guess someone's age. Happy Birthday, Alex!
Indian Springs Outdoor Swimming Pool
Swimming pools are nice.  Heated swimming pools nicer.  Huge outdoor heated swimming pools to yourself -- heaven!  Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga has a winter special where their famous mudbaths included with the price of the room.  Afterwards, treat yourself to the naturally heated swimming pool.
Buddha's Hand at Monterey Market
Monterey Market in Berkeley on Hopkins Street is off the beaten path, but well-known to Bay Area foodies.  It offers fresh local and unusual produce at very good prices.  A bit grungy, it makes no effort to cater to those who shop at pristine chic boutiques.

Citrus fruits are coming on the market and one of the most unusual are these "Buddha's Hands"  called that because with their multiple digits, they resemble a human hand.  Rare and beautiful.   I've never seen so many in one place.  Check out the Monterey Market  website.
We think of "western" civilization of having its origins in the ideas and culture of Greece and we don't think it strange to see buildings using design motifs or even Greek deities from Greek temples -- just look at Washington DC.  We use these on our buildings because we admired Greek culture and philosophy.  Greece did not directly influence or conquer us. 

The term "influence" implies dominance or inferiority on the part of the adoptee so we use the term  "Localization" instead -- an awkward term, but they haven't found a better one yet.  The presence of a Hindu deity in Java is similar.  The Javanese "localized" Indian religion and culture.

By the way, I gave an 8 minute presentation on this piece this afternoon.
Last August, I wrote about Chris' yarn purchases for a scarf.  Well she finished it and gave it to me.  Soft, warm, nice colors and one of a kind. Lucky me!