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Calligraphy by Zhao Mengfu (趙孟頫) 1254-1322
The character "wu" by the great Chinese Calligrapher Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322) from his copy of the Lotus Sutra means "nothing"   Wu is central to the Buddhist concept of non-attachment and freedom from desire.   Apart from its meaning, look at how beatifully the composition of the character is balanced and the elegance of the brushstrokes.   
Steamed for 10 Minutes
Eggs are a very personal issue.  Soft boiled, hard boiled, sunnyside up, scrambled, easy over -- so many different ways to prepare eggs.  When hardboiled, I like them soft and creamy on the inside - perhaps with a touch of liquid in the middle.  Sometimes even runny so that the yolk can ooze onto a salad to enrich the dressing. Katie and I were experimenting with new techniques to cook hard boiled eggs.  Check this out.