The drip method versus the aeropress method.
Coffee - drip versus aeropress



I notice that the Chinese concept of yin (moon) and yang (sun) expresses itself everywhere (duh).  I recently bought an aeropress coffee maker after reading many reviews about the great coffee it makes.  We've always relied on the individual cup drip method as the best we found to date.  After trying the aeropress, I think it makes a better cup, but it takes more effort.  Worth it?  Yes for me and for Alex, but Chris prefers the drip method. 

The drip method is a perfect expression of yin - passive, yielding - while the aeropress is the perfect expression of yang - active, forceful.  With the drip method, you just pour the water over the coffee and it just makes coffee.  With the aeropress, you pour the into the cylinder containing the coffee, stir, and then use the plunger to force the water through the coffee.  Yin and Yang - is it a coincidence that the males in the family prefer the aeropress and the female prefers the drip method? 

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