Chinese Tin Box

I found this metal box in the garage among things from my parents home.  There was nothing .  At least 60 years old, brightly enameled and decorative, it was obviously a container for something purchased.  I wondered if it was special. 
White Phoenix Pills
My Chinese reading ability is pretty bad, but I was trying to guess what was inside based on the writing outside.  I recognized some characters above as being, "white phoenix balls" and I though oooh, maybe it was a jewelry box.  I'll ask Mom.  Last night I finally got around to showing it to her, and she said, "oh, these are pills for ladies only".  I forgot that the character for balls is also used to mean pills -- and apparently white phoenix pills is a well-known Chinese herbal prescription used to treat menstrual issues.  

I was a little disapointed, but the box was sure nice.   

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