Toast Eatery's Buttermilk Pancakes
Toast Eatery at the corner of Polk Street and Sacramento Streets has an updated American diner look.  Right at the #1 California Bus Stop and along busy Polk Street, you would think it would be a hit.  It replaces Bob's Boiler, another diner that was at this location for as long as I can remember.  Bob's Boiler had run its course and it had no energy and I hadn't tried it in years.

Enter Toast Eatery.  Coffee was good, buttermilk pancakes looked great, but tasted very average.  Katie's hash browns looked average, but she said they tasted great.  
Toast Eatery on Polk Street - San Francisco
The image of the entry on their website is really inviting.  I think the appearance seems to promise a bit more than they deliver.  Check out their website by clicking the photo to the left.  I'd go back and give it another try.

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