Chinese Steamed eggs or water egg in Chinese is simple comfort food.  There are two ingredients - eggs and water.  Mixed together and steamed.  I haven't mastered the technique.  Mine come out a complete mess.  Made correctly they have the smooth texture of custard or soft jello.  The top is smooth and flawless.  Most cooks always use the same bowl  to steam the eggs as the shape of the bowl also affects the final result.  Chris learned some techniques from my Mom and she now makes this dish occasionally. Spooned over hot rice, it is comfort food.

This last time, she used a deeper bowl.  The result was good, but as you can see the top was not flat and has interesting bumps accented by the soy sauce added afterwards.  Next time, a more shallow bowl and a shorter cooking time may need to be the adjustment.  Life is a process of trying and trying and hopefully moving in the right direction.


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