Anglo American Glasses
I saw these frames at eiwear on 4th Street in Berkeley and are the same brand I wear.  Several iconic architects of the 20th century wore glasses similar to these.  Round thick plastic frames like these usually in black or tortoise shell were found on Corbusier, Phillip Johnson and I.M. Pei. 
Left - Corbusier Center - Phillip Johnson Right - I.M. Pei
Someone once commented when they were reading a note from me that I wrote in that distinctive architect's printing style.  It's true, a uniformity of printing style was demanded during the days of hand drafting.  Filling out a job application meant you were judged not only by the content, but also by your printing ability!  

As I wrote about the architect Robert Stern, the image of the architect is always carefully crafted and how your present yourself to the world represents how you approach all things in life -- with care, precision, thought, and artistic excellence.  If only it were as simple as donning a pair of glasses.

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