Standing Buddha Korea Silla Dynasty
Yesterday I accepted an invitation to enter the three year docent training program at the Asian Art Museum intensifying a life-long interest in Asian Art.

 I went for an interview on April 22nd.  They interviewed candidates in groups of three using pre-set questions.  Afterwards I went with one of the interviewers to the Korean Galleries to pick an object and give a "Mock" presentation.   I gave a presentation on this Buddha trying to remember what I knew about the historic Buddha and Buddhism.   Buddhists believe that life is just an illusion and the word illusion triggered a memory of the Jimmy Ruffin 1960's Motown hit with the lines --  Love's happiness is just an illusion, Filled with Sadness and Confusion -- I didn't mention that though.  Training starts this fall.
5/15/2011 04:43:18 pm

Asian museum
You were always my docent
Eyes, mind, heart opened


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