Szechuan Fish in Spicy Broth
Chicago Chinatown is a short subway right from downtown Chicago on the Red Line.  Just north of the traditional Chinese gateway leading to the older section of  Chinatown is a mall with shops and resturants.  We had dinner at Ken Kee Restaurant  at 2129-A South China Place. Ken Kee Restaurant serves Hong Kong style food so it was a surprise to see a Szechuan dish prominently featured on the menu.  The photo looked enticing so we tried it.  Szechuan Fish in Spicy Broth is strongly flavored with Szechuan pepper corns, Szechuan red pepper sauce, and chilis.  Wonderful spicy taste, but be warned if you are not used to this dish, it may be an issue for gastro-intestinal tract.  I don't see this dish on their on-line menu, but we saw it on the restaurant menu.

If you want to try it but aren't going to Chicago, I found a recipe on-line here.

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