Smitten Ice Cream - instantly Frozen to Order
Like Merlin casting a magic spell, cream and natural flavors are put into a whipping container and chilled with liquid nitrogen.  In a couple of minutes your order is ready!  What a great way to differentiate your business.  The ice cream is good.

Central Freeway - now demolished
Smitten Ice Cream is located at Octavia and Linden in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. This site was the location of an elevated freeway that was damaged during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  Removal of this huge barrier has transformed this neighborhood.  These vacant lots are posed for long term development.  In the interim several "temporary" structures have been placed there to house businesses.  

Smitten Ice Cream
Smitten Ice Cream is one of the  interim businesses located here.   I have walked by several times before bringing Chris to try it out.  I didn't realize the ice cream was prepared to order until Chris ordered one.  

9/26/2011 04:00:21 am

Looks awesome!


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