Dry Fried Chicken

Many restaurants serve a version of dry fried chicken.  I first had it in a Mission Street Chinese restaurant where it was called "Korean Chicken".  The definitive version currently is at the Shanghai House.
Shanghai Dumpling House
Shanghai House in the Outer Richmond at 3641 Balboa sits opposite the Balboa Theater.  The sleek glass and chrome facade belies the folksy slow service inside.  The wait, however, is worth it.  Service may take awhile because there is only one server and she moves to her own rhythm.

They specialize in steamed dumplings called "xiao long bao".  Ten in an order, everybody seems to order them as well as the dry fried chicken wings.  The chicken wings aren't on the menu, but everybody seems to know about them and want them.  These are big juicy chicken wings with a battered crispy skin that's hefty enough to carry the spicy sweet and sour sauce.  Order the dumplings and chicken wings and then try out a couple of other things and you've got a great dinner.

7/1/2011 02:40:33 am

what else can it be?
finger lickin good chicken
worth the wait and more


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