Seafood -99 Ranch Market - AM Musings
Sunday, time to take Mom grocery shopping.  99 Ranch Market has everything in the way of Chinese groceries and deli foods -- all in one location so I decide to take her to one in Daly City.  The heavy fog along Highway 35 near the Pacific coast reminds me of  winter tule fog in my central California Valley hometown of Reedley,  I switch on my headlights.
99 Ranch Market  emerges out of the fog and I turn into a handicap parking space  in front of the market.  The enticing aroma of crispy fried fish permeates the entire store - like fish and chips take out.  The seafood section brims with fresh and live seafood -- and if you want, they will fry the fish for you in their industrial sized deep fryers.  Seems popular, but the oil looks dark and suspicious.  I'll still steam my fish at home.  Mom loves shopping so she spends time making her selections and finding the best buys.  Ten pounds of rice or twenty?  "Oh Gwok Boh (Koko Rose) rice makes the best jook."  The thrill of the kill!  We stop for lunch before lugging the treasures home.

Live uni (OOOOH-ni sea urchin), too bad Chris isn't around.

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