Regalito Rosticeria San Francisco

I love Mexican food.  I love the taco trucks and the quick take out joints.   Sometimes, though, you want something a little nicer - a place where the food is freshly prepared with care rather than assembled from a steam table - place that addresses all the senses.  I lived in the Mission for 10 years and spent plenty of time scouting out different places. 

I'm glad to report that the Mission now has several places for a more refined experience.  Regalito Roticeria is tops in my book for both great design and good  food.   From the carefully chosen artwork to the aluminum Emeco Navy chairs, dramatic color scheme, and good lighting design, everything comes together and shows the designer's sophisticated taste. It is stylish yet doesn't shout for attention.  It's only open for dinner and can get crowded during prime dining hours.  Wait staff are dressed in all black outfits and describe the specials of the day.  It's possible to linger a bit with a glass of wine and enjoy a leisurely  meal.  Parking can be an issue as it is just off the hot Valencia strip.  Reservations are recommended. 

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