Roast Port with Crispy Skin - Porridge King
Porridge King in Daly City is located in the same mall as 99 Ranch Market, a mecca for Asian food on the peninsula.  I go there when I don't want to fight the crowds and parking in San Francisco.  I find the BBQ items in 99 Ranch a bit sub par so I usually go over to the Porridge King for something better.  Seeing a whole roast pig hanging on a hook can be a bit off-putting, but it can also be a thing of beauty depending on your perspective.

Photo of Jook - wikipedia
Porridge refers to a thick rice soup called "jook" in Cantonese.  Chinese eat it for breakfast, a light lunch or snack.  Koreans also call this soup "juk", but usually serve it to small children or someone ill.  It's easy to eat and easy to digest.  You would think that naming your restaurant the Porridge King, would mean the jook was really good -- not necessarily so here.  The jook here is somewhat bland saved only by what condiments you add to it.  The roast pork at porridge King on the other hand is really good.  Sweet succulent meat with crispy skin reminiscent of chicharones.   A whole roast pork is a signature dish at many important Chinese events, skillfully carved into serving pieces and re-assembled to maintain it's whole appearance.  Look for it at your favorite Chinese deli.

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