Ann Sacks Ceramic Tile being delivered to Pine Street
I ordered ceramic tile from Ann Sacks on June 28th and they said it should be delivered in 7-10 days.  I always thought Ann Sacks was pretty high end, but the last time I went in, they had some moderately priced tile.  It's hard looking on-line and at small samples to figure out how it will look.  The showroom is a better place to try and visualize the final result.

Sure enough, it got here July 8th within 10 days via ABF delivery from the east coast.
a 1,000 lbs of tile
I ordered two different tiles and everything looks in good shape -- except I think I got an extra box of one type and was short one box of the other.   Oops, double checked - its all ok.  I had to make a little space for it in our packed garage.  Thanks Katie, for helping make space.

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