Titania Light Fixture by Luce Plan
At $3,000 the lightfixture I picked will blow our budget so I'm looking for something else.  When we remodeled our downstairs bathroom, Chris picked this light fixture called Titania from LucePlan which is both elegant and fun.

By adjusting the fins on the fixture you can varying the colors of light that it reflects off the fins of the fixture.  Sometimes by taking a photo you see something you didn't notice before.  Notice the lavender reflection of light at the top of the photo where the light shines on a lower ceiling.  It was there but I didn't see it until I looked at the photo. I was taken with the colors and composition of structured elements. The white umbilical chord attaches this ship to its cosmic mother -- tethered yet ready to fly free.   Maybe a twin of this fixture could fly in the bath upstairs living in a parallel universe.

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