Tartine's Kamut Carrot Cake
Tartine's Country Bread
San Francisco's Tartine Bakery at 18th and Guerrero is supposed to have some of the best artisan bread around.  The daily bread comes out at 4:00 PM and I'm told it sells out quickly.  I was there on a Thursday in July arriving after 5:00 PM and there seemed to be a good stock of  loaves in the back.  This last time I went on a Tuesday at 5:30 PM thinking I would still be able to buy a loaf.  No - they were sold out!  I'm told on Tuesdays, they bake substantially less bread than on other days.  Fresh out of bread  so I had a gluten free carrot cake made with kamut flour and a cup of tea.  It was good -- dense with carrots present and without the need for the familiar cream cheese frosting.  I'll go another day to get my loaf of bread. 

If you go on Tuesdays for bread, go before 5:00 PM. 

8/9/2011 03:54:29 am

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