There is nothing more important in my circle of family and friends than a reliable Chinese restaurant with good food and reasonable ("cheap") prices.  At Golden Horse (Hyde and California Streets), we ordered off the the "wo choy" (fixed price) menu that included soup, five entrees, and dessert.  In the old days, the wo choy menu was printed only in Chinese. You either had to be able to read Chinese or have a waiter who was willing to translate it for you -- good luck!
We had mustard greens with salted egg soup, beef stew tofu clay pot, crispy flounder, salt and pepper pork spareribs, seafood and greens, Chinese broccoli with Oyster sauce, and tapioca coconut dessert.  The standout dish is the whole crispy flounder -- deep fried with succulent meat. Amazing they can produce all this food for $33.88!  The owners and staff are friendly and welcome you as old friends when you come in.  Golden Horse is well-known among the San Francisco cheap good Chinese restaurant cognoscenti.

If you go, take a good look at the Cala market across the street with it's distinctive swooping concrete shell roof-lines.  It's scheduled to be demolished soon.  As a kid I used to drive by and stare at the interesting architecture of the building.     

7/19/2011 05:27:16 am

What is more important in life
than good food (at great price)
loved one and
happy restaurant owners?


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