La Boulange - Burlingame
La Boulange is my favorite bakery and I wrote about the Pine Street location last June.  In that blog, I complemented the designers who were able to create an authentic looking "old" French bakery that didn't feel phony.

Walking down Burlingame Avenue in Downtown Burlingame last week, I saw how they do it.  These craftsmen were working quickly for a scheduled grand opening the following week. Notice the overlay painting technique of the exterior blue paint, where the under-painted light orange paint is allowed to peek through occasionally.  After the paint is dry, they apply a paste wax over the surface to protect the paint.  The sign painter was carefully delineating the letters above.  Click the images below to see the sign painter and the waxing of the exterior.  I hope the pastries here are as good a my local Pine Street location!

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