Fashion statement on Valencia Street

 The evolution of design in architecture moves relatively slowly while the look of fashion, graphics and electronics can  change almost overnight.  Those who follow fashion will notice the slightest change in fit, color, length and other minor details that add up to the "new " look.  I admit to being a little ignorant about fashion, but I follow an interesting blog called the Sartorialist started by a guy who photographs people on the street around the world.  Sometimes trendy, sometime very ordinary, he photographs people who obviously pay attention to how they dress. 

This guy on Valencia Street in the photo above obviously pays attention too.  You don't just happen to roll your jeans up above your ankles, add a sport coat and run out the door.  That's a big "look at me"  statement.  Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not.  We all need a little self-knowledge and confidence to know what works.  It's the same in designing buildings.  If you design something that attracts attention, it better be good. 

I was walking along Valencia to a restaurant when this guy walked by me.  I thought, what the heck and snapped a picture.  This is my first attempt at a Sartorialist type photo.  Check out his blog here. His photos and the look of the website are great.  

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