This metal handrail in my home has bothered me ever since I first encountered it when I bought my home.

It is cold to the touch and the diameter is slightly too large - like an awkward embrace.  It's brackets are perfunctory and ungainly.  Its been painted several times and I feel the lumps in the paint everytime I go up and down the stairs.

I believe that items that form an integral part of our environment should support our well-being and not irritate even at a subliminal level.  I've thought of stripping the paint and grinding it smooth and applying a smooth matte black chemical finish like Insta-black.  Perhaps I can change the brackets as well.   I can't, however,  change the coldness of the metal or the diameter of the rail.

5/5/2011 11:49:25 am

Since feeling is first
Matter not what logic finds
What does the tree need?


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