I'm still looking for a new handrail and handrail bracket for Pine Street.  In an attempt to find a wood handrail with a metal bracket that might be available in today's market, I looked at this handrail bracket at the UCSF Bakar Fitness Center in San Francisco's Mission Bay by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta.   Simple and straight forward, the bracket has no curves and is consistent with the cubist forms of the building.  The warm wood tones and brass colored metal contrasts with the intense blue wall.  Intense contrasting colors cover all the walls of the center.  It's a legacy of Legorreta's time in the office of the master architectural colorist Luis Barragan.   

I've never seen a handrail bracket like this on the market and I'm thinking this is custom made.  I'll let you know when I find something for Pine Street.
6/8/2011 06:47:31 am

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