Gahm Mi Oak Restaurant - NYC
Sul Lang Tang is a Korean soup of beef bones boiled carefully until the stock turns white. Whenever we visit Los Angeles, we always order Sul Lang Tang as San Francisco doesn't seem to have a Korean Restaurant that serves a good one.

Gahm Mi Oak Restaurant in Manhattan's Koreatown on 37th Street near  Broadway -- and right around the corner from the Empire State Building -- serves a superior Sul Lang Tang.  Chris has  declared it perhaps better than our Los Angeles favorite.  The intense beef flavored soup with slices of beef comes steaming hot.  Season it yourself at the table from large bowls of salt and slices of green onions.  This is a dish that isn't easy to attempt at home.  One the surface it is easy, but getting the right flavor and color seems mysterious to me.  When I went by the kitchen, the stove seemed to be a clay- like structure.  They wouldn't let me take a picture so I guess it is their "secret". 
10/4/2011 02:23:04 pm

Salt, hot pepper and
Green onion will perfect
Soup for hang overs


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