Fog City Diner Interior

Fog City Diner at 1300 Battery is in a beautiful section of town adjacent to the Levi Gardens (designed by the noted landscape architect Lawrence Halprin)  with a view down the Embarcadero.  Situated at the tip of a triangular shaped corner you get great views much like Zuni Cafe on Market Street.  Although designed as a diner, it's more reminiscent of an old luxury train car like the Orient Express with polished dark woods and booths.  Fog City has been around for a least 20 years and although not the hot spot it once was, it is still popular.

Fog City Hamburger
Any diner must serve a decent hamburger and Fog City is no exception.  Alex almost always orders a burger if it is on the menu.  Fog City's is classic in every way and served with fries!

7/7/2011 02:18:15 am

tasty memories
still good after all these years
almost perfect fries!


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