Altar of St. Mary the Virgin
 The Episcopal Church of  St. Mary the Virgin located at 2325 Union Street on the South-West corner of Union and Steiner Streets is one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco. Whenever I drive by I always take a look at the entry courtyard.   Dating from 1891, it survived the 1906 earthquake. The interior is contemplative and restful with dark woods and luminous stained glass - a small intimate space.  The location of the altar pictured above was originally the entrance off Steiner Street.  The entrance was moved to the opposite end of the building to a courtyard off of Filmore Street (see below).  I think the move was a good idea.  The entry sequence through the courtyard is welcoming and provides a gathering place before and after services.  Click on the photos below for a larger view.
9/19/2012 01:07:38 am

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