Dancing Ganesha - Asian Art Museum
As part of my studies to become a docent at the Asian Art Museum, I'm studying  Indian art.  The Hindu God Ganesha is an auspicious symbol and believed to be the remover of obstacles and often found at the entrances to temples.

According to the Hindu stories, Ganesha is the son of the Hindu God Shiva and his wife Parvati.  Shiva cut off his head by accident, but restored him to life by giving him the head of an elephant -- elephants being  symbols of fertility and plenty.  This lively sculpture is particularly nice with the curve of his trunk echoed by the curve of his dancing body followed by the curve of his hands.  His  holds an upraised weapon to cut away obstacles, a bowl to sweets to feast upon, and his broken tusk - broken in a battle with a demon.

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