Chris paints with a fine eye and hand.  There are pieces of her work all around in stacks and piles and its easy to take them for granted.  Some of her finest are ones done a few years back when she did a series of water colors of Asian vegetables.  To a bit of my dismay, some have gone away to grace someone else's home.   

This one is of radishes that are eaten in China, Korea, and Japan and most commonly known by the Japanese name, "daikon".  Daikon in Japanese means large root and that is exactly what it is.  The muddy brown wash on the white body of the daikon shows its origin in the earth and the nutrient seeking tendrils at the end are fine details painted with finesse.   
6/9/2011 02:45:20 am

Many firsts - daikon
Humble but much beloved root
Thank you for sharing


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