Chris and I have a little bon voyage breakfast before she heads off to an art retreat in Sonoma, we sit at the counter at Plow Restaurant.

The new Plow Restaurant at 1299 18th Street is in the thriving Portrero Hill District overlooking San Francisco Bay. The tables are filled but we're happy to sit at the counter because we love to  watch the cooks prepare our food. 

Near the front door, my eye catches a subtle touch (see top photo) of one of the owners who is Chinese American.  These little heavy polychromed Chinese bowls were everywhere when I was a kid.  Now they're scarce and collectible.  The design of the restaurant is simple and straightforward and the space benefits from the north-facing large storefront windows and high ceilings.  It has a happy generous feel.  I read that the space was formerly an architect's office (another casualty of the economy?) and I remember walking by and noticing it before.

The food matches the space.  Simple, hardy, and good.  I have the scrambled eggs with crispy (deep) fried potatoes and rustic toast.  Chris has the french toast with fresh strawberries.  Good Equator coffee is served.  Worth a repeat trip.

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