Left Costco Right Bed Bath & Beyond
These two buildings were built over 10 years ago and at about the same time.  They also sit a block apart on Bryant Street between 10th and 9th Streets.  Both are about the same size filling the length of an entire block and both are built of alternating rows of smooth and split faced concrete block. 

Originally they were almost identical in appearance.  So similar was the concrete block detailing, I suspected they were designed by the same firm.   

The Costco building at the left maintains its original appearance.  The Bed Bath & Beyond building was changed rather drastically about 2 years after it was built.  In addition to painting the building and adding foam molding to the surface, large steel green cage like elements were added at the corner and entrance.  It hasn't aged well.  There's nothing convincing about the applied molding that is glued on the face of the building.  Now it's starting to deteriorate and is showing cracks.  Like bad plastic surgery, it begs for another face lift.

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