Concrete Countertop
Concrete countertops, the new, the trendy, the oh so yesterday.  Early adopters are clearly risk takers especially when incorporating something that is handmade, has many variables, and will be used for many years.

This restaurant countertop looks as though all the different elements didn't quite come together as intended.  The stone aggregate seems to have settled unevenly and there are rough spots and an area that seems to have been patched.  If this were produced in a factory, it would have gone into the reject pile.

For a concrete slab hidden by a finish floor, its final appearance isn't too important, but for a nice restaurant - it's important.  It's an unusual idea to use concrete Counfor a countertop.  It's heavy, porous, and requires a high degree of craftsmanship and experience to get the right results.  In the right hands, I've seen some incredibly beautiful results.  This isn't one of them.

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