Peonies at Trader Joe's - San Francisco
Getting my lunch at Trader Joe's, I saw the first peonies this year. Their gracious colors and ruffled and multiple petal count are pleasing to the eye. It's nice when something is only available for a short period of time. You appreciate it more when you anticipate them and then remember them after they are gone.  Or, perhaps they're a pleasant surprise when they appear.

Chris has tried to grow peonies in our Pine Street garden, but the conditions aren't quite right and they don't bloom.  She said she will try again one day as someone told her the "secret" to making peonies grow in San Francisco is to "trick" them into thinking there is a freezing winter here.  You trick them by putting ice around the base of the plant during our "winter".   SFGate also had an article about growing peonies in the Bay Area.  Check this out here.    If I chill, perhaps I too will bloom.

6/13/2011 03:12:21 pm

Peonies in June
Magnolias in Winter
We bloom at right time


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