Mom hasn't felt up to going out walking this week so last night we took her to  dinner at Shanghai House on Balboa near 38th Avenue in the outer Richmond near the beach in San Francisco.  The big storefront windows are an appealing feature to the simple interiors.  You can immediately see if there are tables available when you drive by in contrast to the Shanghai Dumpling King restaurant down the street where you have to make the commitment to park and go in before finding out if there is a table.  Shanghai House has the slight edge for having Spicy Chicken Wings.  

Both Shanghai Dumpling King and Shanghai House are known for their xiao-long bau - little juicy bit-sized morsels dumplings filled with pork, steamed in a bamboo basket and served with a ginger dipping sauce.  The dough is beautifully pleated and swirled into a shape like lips puckered for a kiss, appealing in every way.  Best if you eat them in a Chinese spoon to catch the juices that squirt out when you bite into them.  One order brings ten.  Service here is slow, but totally worth it.  

Why do I call them Bruce Lee's Buns?  Bruce Lee's Chinese name is Li xiao-long or  little dragon.

4/22/2011 08:15:16 am

soft gentle morsels
simply made, rich tradition
perfection defined


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