Sometimes, places just stick in your mind.  For me, Brompton Quarter Cafe is one of them.  I happened upon it after visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  In an old building but with large corner windows, it has a stylish interior with causual dining upstairs and a more formal dining room downstairs. 

I liked their fresh peppermint tea and made a point of going back on our next visit, but alas they were out of peppermint!

PS - Happy Birthday Katie!
11/18/2011 09:54:28 pm

hola larry, we are going to check it out.. I'll let you know how we liked it on new years...

11/19/2011 01:39:58 am

I think they have an elevator to the lower level dining, but I think upstairs is nicer as you can see out onto the street. Lots of shopping this this neighborhood! L


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