Poach Egg Serrano Ham Salad - Bay Wolf Restaurant
After seeing the new Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris" at the Piedmont Theater in Piedmont, we walked down Piedmont Avenue to have dinner at the Bay Wolf restaurant.  Bay Wolf Restaurant has been around for many years, but this was my first dining experience there. 

Located in a former house, it has a pleasant welcoming entry, with several dining rooms.  Our dining room on the side of the building, however,  had an awkward feel as it seemed like a leftover space after something else was carved out. 

The two most memorable dishes I tasked were the salad of poached egg, serrano ham, beans, and arugula and the other dish was the sherry flan.    The salad was similar in concept to the French Frisee salad with lardons and poached egg I like. I liked this salad even better. The sherry flan was light, smooth and heavenly.  I haven't been on Piedmont Avenue in a while and it seems filled with interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants.
7/27/2011 05:21:14 am

Memorable eve


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