Main Building at Asilomar
Julia Morgan - Architect
Asilomar was designed by Bay Area architect Julia Morgan as a retreat for the YMCA in the 1920's.  She also designed Hearst Castle for William Randolph Hearst at San Simeon.  While Hearst Castle was grand in every aspect, Asilomar was modest in both scale and materials making use of native redwood, stone, and shingles.

Located next to Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, the perfume of fresh sea air and pine trees permeate the grounds.  The sands near the beach are wheelchair accessible and make for a great walk.  Now Asilomar is owned and operated by the State of California as part of its State Park system.

Modest rooms start at under $150 a night with no TV, telephone, or other distractions.  It is primarily used as a conference center, although individual rooms are also available.    Highly recommended.

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Restorative time
A place to pause and wonder
Allowing nature


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