PH Artichoke Fixture in copper
White Artichoke from Y Lighting
This is my favorite mid-20th century light fixture.  I had only seen it produced in white.  The fixture is composed of multiple sheets of thin metal assembled painstakingly by hand.  It is about 18" in diameter by about 18" high.   

Recently I saw it produced in copper and the effects are wonderful in a dark restaurant space.  I would love to use one somewhere but the price is prohibitive at over $8,000.  The copper and stainless steel versions are slightly more.  There was also a  special edition done in gold plate.  I'm sure spectacular with an equally spectacular price!

Poul Henningsen - Designer
The designer is Poul Henningsen, (1894-1967),  a Danish architect who designed many light fixtures.   Although many have taken this idea and made "inspired" designs from it, none seem to have equaled it.    

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