Arancini at Pasticceria Dagnino - Rome
My Scrapbook Entry for Dagnino
Last year Chris' friend in Rome said Pasticceria Dagnino  had the best pastries in all of Rome.  Before moving on to Bologna , we thought we'd better check it out.  The bakery also had a cafe that served lunch so we sat down and had a bite to eat.

Next to us a 3 generation Italian family sat down and immediately ordered these delicious looking fried balls.  As soon as the plates were on the table, the entire family dived in and devoured them.  Not being able to resist, we asked the waiter to bring some for us as well.   Arancini are cheese stuffed balls of risotto that are deep fried.  They are delicious and we thought we found a new and unique Italian dish.

Lo and behold, when I returned to my normal routine in San Francisco of shopping at Trader Joe's -- what do I SEE!  Arancini Bites in the frozen food section!  I guess Trader Joe's is on the ball for finding things new and exciting.

12/8/2013 01:22:41 am

The arancini at Dagnino are always quite good...but did you also try out the sweet pastries there? If you didn't, you know that you have to go back to Rome to try them out. And if you are there in the summer, try out the pastries filled with a bright red gelatin made from watermelon...yum yum! :-)


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