Paging through the May1, 2011 Sunday New York Times, I see an image of one of my favorite painters, Wayne Thiebaud (top image).  He's well know for his 1960's food period when he painted desserts - especially cakes and pies. 

The top image looks like a print and perhaps was done as a study for the bottom image which is executed in oil (bottom image).  Thiebaud lays the paint on -- thick and sensuous, colors -- bright and fresh.  You can almost feel the cream oozing off the pie.  Thiebaud's painting are worth millions now and at age 90 he is still painting.  I once bought Chris a modest Thiebaud etching at the Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Franciso.  I think she liked it .

Did I tell you that Chris (and now Katie) makes a terrific apple pie?

Tuileries Garden - Paris
August 15, 2008 - I told my daughter, I wanted to be the first man to take her to Paris.  Well I did it and not a moment too soon as she was 16 years old.  Strolling the Tuileries Gardens on a warm August day, we came upon this ice cream stand.  Walking around to the shade to sit and enjoy the ice cream, I saw this shot.  I don't remember how good the ice cream was, but I remember the moment.  I liked the framed views and the repeating rectangles.