Mies van der rohe's  famous quote, "less is more" has intrigued architects for most of the 20th century and he is considered a foremost proponent of the minimalist design approach.  Although there was a flirting with post-modern longings for historical reference, the minimalist aesthetic is a strong as ever today.
Minimalist Door Detail
Although less is visible, it takes more time to detail and skilled craftsmanship to deliver a superior product.     

I tried this minimalist approach recently on a project on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.   When you look at this photo of the trimless flush installed  door, what you see is not just the plane of the wall and door, but suddenly the joint separating the wall and door presents itself.  In this case it is straight, parallel, and crisp.  

I wouldn't have attempted this without the help of a master craftsman - Kenji.  I'm thrilled with the result and so is my client.

Kenji san
Kenji is from Japan and is a master Japanese carpenter and furniture builder. His work is second to none.  Thanks Kenji.

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