Neapolis plays in the background on the mezzanine of the Baltic Restaurant.
  March 30, 2008 - Spring Break and the first night of an AM Family vacation in London.  Sometimes the juxtaposition of time, place, food, company, mood and music creates an event that lingers on in the mind -- pleasure in the  memory. Across the Thames River from our hotel is the Baltic Restaurant that Chris found in a NY Times review.  Tired and hungry after the long flight and excited to be in London, we walk across the Thames to find the restaurant.  Not much on the outside, but inside the sleek interiors contrasted nicely against the centuries old heavy timber structure.  The food is different and good.  

The sun fades from the skylights and the light softens.  Candles glow.  The jazz band Neapolis  with guitarist Nico Di Battista starts playing weaving a magic atmosphere.  Dessert and coffee is served.  I linger as long as I can -- but all good things must come to an end.  On the way out, we show the NY Times review to the staff.  They didn't know about it so they were happy.  We were happy.  
We off to a great vacation.

Crossing the River Thames.
Its  C O L D and we run and jump in high spirits back to the hotel to keep warm!

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polish in london
jazz by two italians
memorable night


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