The window sill

There's a very unhappy meeting of the window, counter and window sill in the exisitng bath.  The "robust victorian" casing around the window is about 6" wide with a corresponding 6" apron below.  I just saw that Daltile makes a pre-fabricated beveled window sill in various stones including carrera marble. 

I had considered just having the window sill fabricated from left over pieces from the countertop and that's what we may still do.  Horizontal surfaces, particularly in moist areas like a bathroom  are probably better served with a non-organic - easily washable surface.  Since we're thinking of using carrera marble on the countertop, it could simplify and improve the meeting of materials.  I'm also thinking of removing the wood casings and apron in a move towards a more consistent sleek look.  The contrast between old and new that we had attempted before did not work out as well as it could.

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