I'm using Google sketchup to explore ideas.  Its a great free modeling software product that many people including architects are using.
Right now the tub is set against the left wall and there is a low platform at the right end of the tub (not visible).  It is tiled in white and has become a catch-all of clutter and ugly grout.  The curtain rod is suspended from the 11' ceiling -- all in an attempt to recreate an original victorian feel.

We wanted to keep the tub from feeling too enclosed so we are not using a shower enclosure.  I wanted to eliminate the platform so my first thought was to furr out the wall to meet the tub but that made the area seem constricted.  Furring out the wall at the toilet end seemed a better option to eliminate the platform.  I thought using a darker tile platform to set the tub in place would minimize the ugly grout issue.  Finally, I wanted to eliminate the suspended curtain ring.  The wall receiving the curtain rod at the foot of the tub does not extend far enough out to receive the rod so this rod bends back to the wall.

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