February 2,  2011:  I stopped by Vega cafe  to get some Blue Bottle coffee and noticed the first blossoms of spring.  Striking in its loveliness and delicacy in gritty SOMA.  I was so taken with the pleasing composition of the motorcycle nuzzling the tree that I sent a copy to Katie.  

March 31, 2011 I stopped by Vega again this morning and  looked at the tree again.  It was the same time of day but 2 months later.  Both days were clear and bright,  winter lingering in the crisp February air.  Today it will be in the 80's - hot for San Francisco.  The morning air already anticipates the heat to come. 

The tree has shed the blossoms and is now crowned with purple leaves.  The motorcycle is gone, its rider off to new adventures.  The composition sucks.  The space around the tree filled and congested.  The car and woman crowd and obscure the shape of the tree.  Even the foreground shadow of a pickup in the earlier photo is gone.  Ugh for the composition.   

It's been 2 months.  The same yet not the same.  Am I the same person?   The tree has done quite well in being a tree.  Have I done as well?  These two months will come again only in memory.   Time moves forward.

4/5/2011 02:17:32 pm

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Brevity of pink blossoms
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