This morning I was taking some wilted flowers out of this vase and I was looking at the celedon green crackle glaze, a glaze that was developed by Chinese and Korean artisans.  My cousin calls it cracked glazed and when I think about it, its an apt description. 

The striking pattern was an accident in the firing process, but it became a desirable quality and potters tried to reproduce this effect.  Today you can still find crackle glazed pottery and it is also used as a glaze for ceramic tiles.  The ceramic tile on the right is manufactured by McIntyre Tile   in Healdsberg, CA. 

This metal handrail in my home has bothered me ever since I first encountered it when I bought my home.

It is cold to the touch and the diameter is slightly too large - like an awkward embrace.  It's brackets are perfunctory and ungainly.  Its been painted several times and I feel the lumps in the paint everytime I go up and down the stairs.

I believe that items that form an integral part of our environment should support our well-being and not irritate even at a subliminal level.  I've thought of stripping the paint and grinding it smooth and applying a smooth matte black chemical finish like Insta-black.  Perhaps I can change the brackets as well.   I can't, however,  change the coldness of the metal or the diameter of the rail.

I like picking colors for buildings.  You can only hide flaws so much, but if the basics are there, color can really enhance an already good design by directing the eye to a good feature and gloss over less desirable features.  Many people think this is easy, but then most people can hammer out chopsticks on the piano as well.

These are Kelly Moore paint chips.  Local painters seem to like the brand and I like them because they are locally made in the Bay Area.  There's a range of paint quality available.  Most of the cost of painting is in preparation and labor.  I wouldn't skimp on paint.  Most paint manufacturer's can color match pretty much anything. If you like the orange on the pair of scissors above, they could match it.