And the award goes to . . . .  Citizen Chain Cyclery!  One evening last year I was walking through North Beach San Francisco came across a closed bicycle shop. This sign in the window was back-lit and glowed on an otherwise dark street.

Starting from the alliteration of the store name, the powerful image rendered in black and white recalls so many things on so many different levels.  It evokes   nostalgia of earlier days and what many people consider one of the greatest movies of the 20th Center, Citizen Kane.  There's the San Francisco connection as Citizen Kane was modeled after the infamous publisher William Randolf Hearst.  There's also a distant bicycle connection in the movie that you will find if you look at the  Citizen Chain Cyclery website. 

The NB SF CA  letters on the lower right hand corner reminded me of seals on Chinese paintings and prints.   The guy stares straight at you, his head partially blocking the store name - even more powerful than the movie poster.  Is this an invitation or a challenge?  Is he protective or welcoming?  The clenched hand around the wrench looks like a weapon.  Speaking of weapon, Patty Hearst of SLA fame is William Randolf Hearst's grandaughter -- another iconic image.  Ahh there are so many questions!

I really didn't take a survey of logos, but this is one of my favorites.   The folks there are pretty cool too!

Northstar, Tahoe December 20, 2010
The i-phone as a camera continues to fascinate me.  Its always there and always ready.  The A part of the AM family has been hanging together at Northstar near Lake Tahoe in December for the past few years.

Taking a walk, I try a few concious camera shots.  When composing a photo, conventional wisdom tells us to avoid placing the subject dead center in the photo.  Here I broke this rule and I think it works.  

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Tuileries Garden - Paris
August 15, 2008 - I told my daughter, I wanted to be the first man to take her to Paris.  Well I did it and not a moment too soon as she was 16 years old.  Strolling the Tuileries Gardens on a warm August day, we came upon this ice cream stand.  Walking around to the shade to sit and enjoy the ice cream, I saw this shot.  I don't remember how good the ice cream was, but I remember the moment.  I liked the framed views and the repeating rectangles.